Malta is around 27KM long and 14.5KM wide. Making traveling short distances possible at a relaxed pace.The network of buses cover both Malta and Gozo and car hire rates in Malta are quite reasonable. You might also enjoy a relaxing trip on the calm, blue Mediterranean Sea especially on the Valletta to Sliema ferry at half hourly intervals or over to Gozo via the channel ferry.



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Discover the Maltese Islands

For anyone planning their first trip to Malta, make sure you take time to ‘discover’ the islands. The Maltese Islands are rich in contrast; from lagoons and beaches to historic towns and cities, along with busy shopping complexes and quiet hidden back streets.

The island’s magnificent weather and crystal clear sea offer a range of leisure activities allowing you to discover Malta and Gozo.

Malta offers a wide range of churches, stone cottages, some of the world’s oldest human structures and enough historical sights to keep you constantly busy

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The George Hotel Malta offers the perfect location for public transport, beaches, dive schools, restaurants, casinos and nightlife. Alternatively, you can laze by the hotel’s rooftop “sky lounge”, a perfect break from the vibrant surroundings.


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